SI-Soccer Inspiration is a Dutch company with its roots in youth soccer. Originally founded to support young football players, the company has extended its work field to the international fields. Founder Geert Peeters supported his son from the early days into his professional career with Real Madrid. Everything he learned from this exciting adventure he wrote down to pass it to future generations of talented (young) football players. He is accompanied by his brother Guus Peeters who has a background in international marketing.

Soccer InspirationThe aim of SI-Soccer Inspiration is to help talented players to make the best decisions, providing them with the best information available. Therefore we have built a huge network of Dutch and international clubs, building also a network of talented Dutch and international players.

In The Netherlands, we have a unique position, supporting football players from a very young age in many respects. In this way we prevent them from making unnecessary and sometimes even fatal mistakes in the early days of their football careers. Together with these talented players (and in case of minority of age also their parents), we set out a plan which comprises more than just the upcoming years.

For clubs in Holland and in the major European competition we aim to be a source of information they can rely on, operating both in the interest of the talented players and of the clubs involved.