About us

Geert Peeters, PSI-soccerSI stands for Soccer Inspiration. Since 2004, when his son made as a 5-year old kid his first appearance on a football field, Geert Peeters has been involved in supporting young football players. His own son Mink Peeters made his way from Union (an amateur club from Nijmegen) through PSV Eindhoven and Ajax Amsterdam to Real Madrid. Through the years, also for other youth players and their parents Geert acted as an information resource, based on his experiences with his own son. For him it was only natural on a certain point to start doing this work as a profession.

Guus Peeters, PSI-soccerGuus Peeters has been working as an international marketer for several years, mostly in the clothing industry (Reell, StreetO). Now he is dedicating his time to PSI-soccer as a sports marketeer, using his online experience to support football players worldwide in all kind of marketing related areas like sponsoring, web appearance, social media and personal branding.

Both Geert and Guus Peeters have a background in entertainment industry. They have been the founders of the succesful Dutch band De Sjonnies which produced several hit records and performed more then 2000 gigs all over the country in almost 20 years. After they parted in 2009, the brothers first followed different paths, but after a couple of years they join forces again to support football players all over the world and make SI-Soccer Inspiration into a worldwide success. Their background in entertainment has influenced their thoughts about how a football player should appear in the public domain. This makes their method unique compared with other sports related companies.